With passion, love and dedication is how our story began ❤


Over the past 3 years Afaf has dedicated her self to research along with refining her BB Glow technique to develop an elite BB Glow protocol that Is unmatched in Australasia. At BBGlowmorous we are dedicated to offering world class BB Glow Therapy. With our unique technique and comprehensive training our clients are guaranteed to achieve incredible BB Glow results as well as build their reputation as leading BB Glow Specialists.


We believe all woman deserve to feel confident in embracing their unique and natural beauty. It's this passion that drives us to provide top quality skincare services which are at the forefront of the Australian beauty industry. 

BB Glowmorous was founded by Afaf, a human biologist whose love for the skincare industry began at university while studying her Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences. Throughout her studies, she developed a dedication for studying the mechanics behind quality skincare & it's direct effect on overall health.


As a woman in love with all things beauty, she values first class treatments aimed at empowering women to feel confident in their own skin.

BB Glowmorous was created to free women from any skin insecurities, so they can embrace their natural beauty with confidence. Afaf is a leading BB Glow specialist in Australia, who's trained with specialised skincare professionals in Korea - where the treatment originated.


As a qualified BB Glow & dermal therapist Afaf is accredited by the internationally renowned BB Glow experts, Evie making her a professional in her field.

She is licensed and internationally accredited to train students in Micro-needling formation and BB Glow therapy.