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What is BB Glow?

BB Glow is a micro-needling facial that aims to even out skin tone & improve skin texture. It delivers a water based BB serum composed of 2% pigment, a variety of peptides and natural plant extracts that stimulate skin cell regeneration & collagen production. These processes improve skin imperfections including acne scars, pigmentation, wrinkles, redness & age spots. The pigment in the BB serum creates a soft glow effect, leaving the skin with a light BB cream like tint that lasts months!

Is BB Glow Painful?

BB Glow is a painless treatment! Slight discomfort may be felt around the nose and forhead areas during the procedure but the sensation will fade as we move along to treat other areas. The skin may be a little red after the procedure but will settle within 24hrs.

What can I expect from my BB Glow session?

You Can expect the session to last up to 120 min sometimes a little longer, depending on the serums you'd like to add to the treatment. During this time you can relax on the beauty bed while we get to work. There is a skin preparation phase during which exfoliation & skin cleansing are preformed. This ensures optimum results are achieved. The skin booster serums are then applied using the mesotherapy machine. During this phase the needles will penetrate the skin painlessly. A suitable BB Glow ampoule is then applied in the same manner and followed up with a cooling mask to soothe the skin. The procedure is pain free and relaxing, once we are done your skin will be glowing for days!

Are there any side effects ?

The treatment has no serious side effects, there may be an occasional redness after the procedure which will disappear within 24hr. You may also experience slight peeling for a day or two after, this is normal and it just means the dead skin cells are shedding off.

Can you tan after the treatment ?

It is NOT recommended that you tan before or after the treatment for at least 3 weeks. Tanning right after can aggravate the skin and cause it to flare up.

How many BB Glow sessions do I need to see results?

The effect of the coverage is immediate and you will see results after the very first treatment. However It takes 4-5 treatments (somtimes more, depending on your skin type) to achieve optimum coverage & address specific skin problems. It is worth noting that optimum results are seen 3 weeks post treatment, due to the skin regeneration cycle requiring 28 days to be completed.

Is BB Glow semi-permanent makeup?

No, semi-permanent makeup introduces a large percentage of pigment into the papillary layer of the dermis, resulting in markings on the skin that can last anywhere between 1-2 years. BB Glow introduces pigment into the epidermis with the pigment percentage being only 2% , it fades away as the epidermal cells are replaced. The BB Glow serum is water based and predominantly made up of natural ingredients aimed at skin brightening by inducing skin cell regeneration & collagen production. This allows the skin to repair itself from the inside out, making BB glow a rich & intensive skin-care treatment that purifies the skin & gives long-lasting results.

Does BB Glow help minimize pores ?

Yes, if thefull course of treatment is completed (usually 4-5 sessions) the treatments will stimulate enough collagen production to improve elasticity and ultimately reduce pore size.

Can I get BB Glow done if I have acne?

Yes! We have specialized BB Glow treatments for clients suffering from acne & acne scars. We don't however recommend this treatment for people with grade 3 inflammatory acne, it is best to consult with your doctor first.

Does BB Glow affect my eyebrows if I've done microblading ?

BB glow does not affect the colour of your eyebrows from the first couple of treatments, however it will in the long run. Our therapists will take every care to stay away from microbladed eyebrows at all your sessions.

Does BB Glow block my pores ?

No. Only 2% of Iron Oxide, the raw cosmetic material found in semi permanent makeup, is in the BB Glow Ampoules. This percentage is too small to clog pores and fades away gradually with the renewal of the epedermis.

Does the coverage of BB Glow feel heavy on the skin?

No. The BB Glow ampoules are water based and contain a very small percentage of pigment, only 2%. This allows for lightweight coverage that doesn't clog pores.

Can I get BB Glow done to help my stretch marks ?

Absolutely! If you get it done regularly you will see huge improvements. The intensive skin regeneration & collagen production properties of the BB Glow ampoules will induce the production of new skin cells, improving skin texture and thus minimizing stretch marks. However when treatments end stretch marks do return.

Can I get BB Glow if I'm pregnant ?

You can, but we don't recommend it due to the changes in hormone levels while pregnant which affect the skin regeneration cycle, making the treatment less effective than it would normally be.

Can I do BB Glow if I have Botox or fillers ?

Absolutely! However you will need to wait a period of 2 weeks in between your BB Glow and filler treatments.

Can I get BB Glow if I get regular IPL or laser hair removal on my face?

Yes, but you have to wait for at least 2 weeks after your laser/IPL treatments to get your BB Glow done. You will also have to wait 2 weeks after your BB Glow session to go back to any laser/IPL treatments.

Can I wear makeup after the BB Glow treatment ?

No.We recommend you refrain from wearing makeup for a minimum of 24hrs - 48hrs post treatment, to prevent any irritation.


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